Welcome to the blog!

I don’t think this collection of ramblings will ever adhere to a specific theme or genre, except most of them will contain a lot of me whingeing (whinging?) about something.
I have a lot to complain about and much of it will centre around my experiences as a mum, as a mum with a disability.

So, have you tried walking lately?
(You should, I hear it’s great fun)

The title of my blog was inspired by my little brother roughly age 5, when I was about 16 and his mum (my former wicked* step mum) had to carry me up some stairs when I stayed over at their house (she was alarmingly strong for a petite lady of about 5’3”) He enquired as to why I had to be carried, and when his mum explained that it was because I can’t walk, which of course he knew anyway, his very honest and quite understandable response was….

”has she tried walking lately?”

*she’s not wicked, really.

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