Lekebaby changing bag review

Well I’m feeling quite proud of myself as for the first time, a company has approached me to do a review of a baby product!

As a wheelchair user and disabled mum of 3, one of the most important things about a changing bag for me is that it hangs well on my chair, isn’t too wide and doesn’t rub on my wheels. It needs to be quite roomy so I can fit lots in but also be compact so that it doesn’t get in the way of whoever is pushing my chair.

The Lekebaby backpack bag is all of those things on first impressions, and is also very stylish. I am loving simple grey things at the moment when it comes to fashion, home decor and accessories, so I love the colour of this bag and the detail of the tribal pattern on the front pocket.

The front pocket contains 2 insulated pockets for if you need to keep milk warm or other drinks cool. I haven’t needed to bottle-feed my kids so I’ve used the pockets for suncreams and a toddler cup! It also has a pen holder and lots more space for other bits.

The side pockets are a good size, and one side features a zip which I’m guessing means you can have instant access to baby wipes – I got a bit too excited about this. Please agree with me so I don’t sound like a crazy woman.

The main part of the bag has a very helpful sturdy opening which is sort of boned, this would be very handy if like me you get easily irritated by bags flopping in on themselves when you’re trying to put stuff away. Just me?!

The interior has ample room for several outfit changes, a wad of nappies, more wipes, snacks, and toys and there are also several elasticated pockets inside so you can keep everything organised. Organisation is key when you’re out with the kids!

One of my favourite features of the bag is the zip at the back which means you can get to stuff at the bottom of the bag without having to take everything out – enough to make any parent scream when their child has just had a leaky poo and needs clean clothes, fast! There’s even a foldable wipe-clean change mat inside.

As far as carrying the bag goes, there are several options. There are handles at the top if you need to grab it in your hands, there are shoulder straps so you can wear it on your back, or your wheelchair if you’re a wheeling parent like me, and there are also detachable strap loops so you can hang it from the pushchair handle.

Last but not least, I like how this bag doesn’t scream “smelly change bag”, you could easily use it as a normal hand bag or for going out for the day with all your essentials, and I’m pretty sure it would also work well as a work bag, there’s more than enough room for a laptop in there.

That’s it I think! I hope you found this helpful in your search for a practical but stylish changing bag which is good value for money – this currently retails at £39.99 on Amazon.

Thanks to Lekebaby for this brilliant bag!

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