That’s my girl

That’s my girl, the little one over there with the wispy hair and big blue eyes. She does not hesitate for a moment about going off and playing and exploring, making herself seen and heard, seeing who’s about and what they’re up to. She is infinitely braver than I was, and I can’t help but admire that.

I see myself in her quite often, when she’s in a foul mood, can’t do what she wants and the only comfortable behaviour is to shut down for a bit, not talk to anyone and say no to everything, even things she really does want. I didn’t intend to pass on this trait but I didn’t do a very good job at hiding it either.


Here she is, running off to play in ‘Crazy Knights’ soft play centre in Oswestry where my grandparents live. “Amélie let me take a photo of you”, I said, “No, I playing”, she replied. Not much of a hint of anxiety about what the other kids might think of her, or if people will stare. Of course, she has probably had more than her fair share of ‘starers’ in her less than three years of life, but I’m pretty sure most of those were the disbelievers wanting to see if I really was holding a baby in my sling. I really was! Shocking!

2014, more than any other year since we had Amélie, will be the year we see so much more of who she will be. The big difference this year is that she is no longer the ‘baby’ of the family, she is now the big sister and she absolutely loves it already. Although, she will always be my ‘Baby’, it was her first name really.

That’s my girl.